Acordex Products

Image Viewers
ViewTIFF Universal View images on desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets, including iPhone, iPad and Android.
ViewTIFF Universal (VTU) displays TIFF, jpeg, png and gif document images using the browser that comes with every mobile device. Works with Apple iOS products (iPhone, iPod, iPad), Android and other standards-compliant mobile browsers. User interface controls and thumbnails are available for navigating between pages in the displayed document, pan, zoom, rotate, close the document to reveal your web pages or web-app. Images can be marked-up using a pen tool, text notes, etc. This is a highly programmable viewer. Contact Acordex and describe your exact requirements for mobile document management or request a free trial to test VTU first hand!

[VTU home page]  

ViewTIFF for Java ViewTIFF for Java (VTJ) is recommended only for integration into your Java software products. For general purpose, browser-based imaged viewing, VTU is highly recommended. VTJ is a solid, feature-rich Java applet for viewing images in many file formats.   [VTJ home page] VTJ features include full markup capabilities including "Wang annotations", redactions, customizable special tools, text search, database intrgration and control such as Java bean or Java to Java communications, access security and all of the fast reliable capabilities of VTU. Images can be in a wide variety of file formats.

Vital Records Solutions
EDRS Remote Attestation Our Remote Attestation system is a unique and elegant solution to the challenge of getting doctors to participate in an electronic EDRS system. Fully electronic attestation will go to 99.8% or better within months of deploying the Acordex Fax Attestation system.     [Vital Records home page]
Enterprise Systems for Trucking
Overview Driver mobility and document imaging solutions use industry leading technology to produce the most advanced and cost effective systems in the market today. Acordex specializes in providing trucking companies with complete, highly automated solutions backed up by years of LTL, TL and logistics experience.     [Trucking home page]
Mobile Dispatch Driver mobility solution that seamlessly moves information between the terminals and your drivers. Works with any cellular network and all of the major brands of tablets.     [Mobile Dispatch home page]

Mobile Dispatch Core Services include LTL pickup and delivery workflow, Tap-to-Text messaging and geolocation. You can add options at any time:
  • Photo capture to record freight damage or accidents
  • On-tablet document retrieval, e.g. BL viewing
  • Driver productivity
  • Driver logs
  • DVIR automation, driver forms and shop response
  • Signature capture and short-POD creation
  • Mileage capture to support IFTA reports
Imaging Highly automated, customizable modular systems for high volume document management with many users.     [Imaging systems home page]

Key Features

  • Multiple scan stations
    - production and departmental scanning
    - remote terminal/office scanning
    - mobile photo capture for in-vehicle use
  • Automatic upload fault tolerance
  • Secure internet retrieval, encryption
  • Custom searching screens
  • Complete control from third party TMS applications
  • Workflow, multi-user queue management, alarms
  • Bar code reading for indexing
  • Import and export automation, web-pull from partner carriers
  • High volume, multi-line fax import and processing
  • Faxing and emailing documents under programatic or user control
  • Electronic Rendition Billing, image and data overlays
  • Closed-loop backup

Safekeep i3 will consistently and reliably process more pages per hour than any other imaging system near its price range.

User software

No special software needs to be installed on the user's computer. Any web browser (Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Safari) on any operating system (Windows, MacOS, Linux) and any Apple or Android smart phone or tablet! You can search, view, import, fax, print, email, even manage the system!

Users access everything by a click of a button. User permissions and passwords let you control who is authorized for specific tasks and specific types of documents.

Acordex difference

An example of how Acordex software differs from other vendors is our handling of remote scan stations. Acordex scan stations:

  • tolerate network down situations, still scan at full speed and automatically upload when the network is restored.
  • run a closed-loop confirmation every day to confirm the previous day's uploads are at the server, automatically re-upload and recheck if anything is missing.
  • permit two scan stations appending pages to the same document at the same time. This feature even works in network-down situations and automatically resolves page numbering when the network comes back up!
  • all documents from all scan stations are available at all locations when the network is up.
  • if the network is down, documents are still available at the location that scanned them.

FaxKeep A Cloud service to manage all of your inbound and outbound faxes.     [FaxKeep Data Sheet (PDF file)] Professional fax management. Each user can have a separate fax number, or you can group several users into a department to share faxes. Each fax number has its own password protected access to an archive of sent or received faxes. You can find faxes by who sent them, date, comments you entered, etc. And it's easy to forward a fax to another fax number, email it or print it.
GigaSearch Computer reports can be searched with lightning fast results and displayed in a password protected, in-house web page.
[Contact us for more information]

Instead of printing reports from your TMS or business application, send them to GigaSearch. Your users can search them for just the page they need, and have the results on-screen instantly. For example, searching for an account number in a 100,000 page report can find a specific report page in a tenth of a second!

Permanent records

Your central computer system prints all the reports, statements, invoices and data you need to keep your organization going. Yet when you need to answer a customer's question or provide information to a government agency, finding the information is somewhere between tedious and hopeless. They wait while you sort through piles of paper (or even worse, microfilm). A better, safer way to store your records is in a text file that can be backed up off-site.

Better customer service

In a tenth of a second, GigaSearch can locate an account number, name, ID or any other word in a 100,000 page report! Instead of calling your customer back, you instantly locate information while they're still on the phone. GigaSearch's powerful searching features do not require any programming to set up.

Reduce cost

The savings are so high that the typical return-on-investment of GigaSearch is three to six months! Printing costs are eliminated and labor costs are dramatically lower.