Comprehensive LTL Solution

Acordex Mobile Dispatch is designed from the ground up to be the most comprehensive mobility solution for Less Than Truckload (LTL) carriers. The pickup and delivery complexity of LTL requires careful attention to details that just aren't a part of other trucking segments.

Linehaul, TL and Logistics

Mobile Dispatch automatically subsets to cleanly support linehaul and TL drivers as well. And since it works on industry standard tablets, it's perfect for Logistics and light-asset based carriers too.

Driver Efficiency

Mobile Dispatch extracts data from your Transportation Management Software (TMS) and places up to the minute data about every stop literally in the hands of your drivers. This eliminates misunderstandings about routing and scheduling.

Customer Service

Customers expect continuous visibility into the location of their freight. Integrated freight status tracking, geolocation, messaging and mobile imaging are the tools that enable your Customer Service staff to exceed those expectations.

LTL Pickup and DeliveryCore FeaturesMany Options
  • Pickups flow seamlessly from your TMS Dispatch software to the driver tablet
  • Freight status flows back from the drivers to your TMS
  • New pickups create driver alerts
  • Smart handling of multiple shipments at one stop
  • Tap to Text Messaging
  • Geolocation, real time location and stop records
  • Stop location maps for the driver
  • Screen black-out when driving, with pull-over alerts
  • Damaged freight or accident photos
  • Document capture
  • Bill of Lading display for the driver
  • Driver status, logs and producivity data
  • Daily vehicle inspection reports