Comprehensive LTL Solution

Acordex Mobile Dispatch is designed from the ground up to be the most comprehensive mobility solution for Less Than Truckload (LTL) carriers. The pickup and delivery complexity of LTL requires careful attention to details that just aren't a part of other trucking segments.

Single Login

Drivers no longer need to log in to multiple systems to do their day's work. For example, upon arrival at a shipper's dock, one click starts the detention time clock, tells the ELD that he is on-duty, notifies your TMS that the freight is being picked up and tells your dispatcher what the driver is doing. At the end of the day, one logout checks for anything that was forgotten, e.g. did the driver complete the post-trip DVIR?

Dispatch Efficiency

Designed to handle the complex LTL world, Mobile Dispatch easily manages same-day, air forwarding, multi-stop and TL as well. Mobile Dispatch eliminates misunderstandings about routing, scheduling and realtime changes in pickup assignments.


ELD, exempt driver logs and mileage capture for IFTA are seamlessly integrated with the entire Mobile Dispatch system. This completely eliminates redundant tablet-work for the drivers, one of the reasons that drivers like Mobile Dispatch so much.

LTL Pickup and DeliveryKey FeaturesIntegrated Driver Logs
  • Pickups flow seamlessly from your TMS Dispatch software to the driver tablet
  • Freight status flows back from the drivers to your TMS
  • New pickups create driver alerts
  • Smart handling of multiple shipments at one stop
  • Shipper's original Bill of Lading image display to the driver for deliveries
  • Tap to Text Messaging
  • Screen black-out when driving, with pull-over alerts
  • Geolocation, real time location and permanent records
  • Stop location maps for the driver
  • Document capture
  • Damaged freight and accident photos
  • ELD compliant driver logs
  • Automatic RODS when needed for exempt drivers
  • Efficient handling of unidentified driver records
  • Driver sub-status for producivity data
  • Shipper/consignee detention time reports
  • Daily vehicle inspection reports