Examples of Acordex integration with Transportation Management Systems (TMS)
Acordex's native use of Internet/intranet standards ensures easy integration with any network and any Transportation Management System (TMS).
Carrier Logistics TGIF LTL-400 Trans-Soft
TMW Degama Accellos In-house systems

Realtime Scanning

Dramatically more efficient than scanning modules used by other imaging vendors, Realtime Scanning typically results in labor savings of at least 50%. How is this possible? Unlike other imaging systems, Realtime Scanning processes all QA and indexing tasks concurrent with the scanner running at full speed.

Everything is Automated

From original BL, to signed POD to tracking when customers open their electronic rendition bills, the entire process is automated. Partner PODs, BLs and TMS freight status are pulled automatically from partner web sites. Your documents are automatically exported to your partners. Photos of damaged freight are attached to their pro#, and accident photos are attached to the driver's run with zero labor! Every terminal and office has access to all documents at all times.

Zero Installation Labor

Access to the entire Safekeep system requires just a web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari. No special software needs to be installed!

Contact us for a no-obligation, no-pressure demo showing how all of your information can be accessed from one private, secure web site.