VTU and VTJ Compatibility

VTU and VTJ Compatibility Chart
VTU Support Began VTJ Support Ended
VersionRelease dateVersionRelease Date
Mobile Devices
Safari (iPhone, iPod, iPad) 3.2 Nov - 2008 Never supported
Opera 10 Dec - 2009 Never supported
Android Browser 2 Apr - 2010 Never supported
Intermec HTML5 Browser 1.10 Jun - 2013 Never supported
Motorola with RhoElements 4 Oct - 2013 Never supported
Desktop Computers
Opera 2.0 Jun - 2006 34 Dec - 2015
Firefox 2.0 Oct - 2006 52 Mar - 2017
Safari 3.1 Mar - 2008 Still supported
Chrome 4.0 Jan - 2010 45 Sep - 2015
Internet Explorer 10 Sep - 2012 Still supported
Microsoft Edge 12 Mar - 2015 Never supported

True Cross-platform Compatibility

ViewTIFF Universal works with any Android or Apple mobile device, including iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android smart phones and tablets.

VTU is also compatible with current desktop browsers. This includes compatibility with the browsers shown in this table, as of the indicated version or later.

Simple to Manage

ViewTIFF Universal runs inside the browser, downloaded via a web page. There's no need to install any software on the mobile device.

Next generation software

ViewTIFF Universal (VTU) enables cloud-based document image distribution to mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. These mobile devices have a new programming environment. This means that previous desktop software for controlling document retrieval on the web does not always work on mobile devices. ViewTIFF Universal does!