Acordex Goals for Trucking

Driver with Tablet

Make the the CMV driver's work day more enjoyable and more efficient.

Driver acceptance is a prerequisite to the success of Mobile Dispatch.

Our consistent focus on the driver's experience is why drivers like Mobile Dispatch so much!

On the road

Improve productivity in truck operations.

The average cost in 2017 of operating 4-5 Axle Tractor-Semitrailers is $95 per hour.*

If we could get each day's work done while removing 8 hours of driving time, we reduce a trucking company's cost by $190,000 per year!


Reduce fuel use.

On average, 35% of the operating cost of a trailer-truck is spent on fuel.

Trucks consume more than 25 percent of fuel of vehicles in the United States. Worldwide, road freight is responsible for about 6 percent of all greenhouse emissions.

Saving fuel offfers the irresistable combination of both helping the environment and saving a substantial fraction of power unit operating costs.

Improve office efficiency.

Everything from Acordex's innovative Realtime Scanning technology to the details of our electronic Rendition Billing shows our dedication to getting work done efficiently.

"I have never seen a system with so much thought put into it. Acordex really deserves credit. It's such a contrast from most other software. My new station manager is floored by the imaging system, just floored. He is a career guy, with over twenty years in trucking including UPS and other carriers. When he saw our imaging system, he was just floored by what it could do and how easy it is to use." –Vice President, Land Air Express

Operating cost data reported by the American Transportation Research Institute, updated to 2017 dollars.
Greenhouse data reported by Project Drawdown.