Software Engineer - Leading Edge Product

Make an impact someone else's work day, literally all day, every day!

Job Description

You will contribute to Acordex's cutting edge tablet software that makes our customers' day more enjoyable and more efficient.

Your Team

You will be part of a team that is out-innovating established competitors who are a fifty times our size. We have a small and very talented group of engineers that you will find either stimulating or entertaining, depending on how the day is going, but never dull. It is very important to us to have an environment where all of us actually look forward to coming to work every day.


Your primary responsibility is creating new software that is rock solid, performs well and is easy to use. This includes:

The software you create is absolutely crucial to our customers; they literally cannot complete their day's work without it. Since Acordex software often interacts with other software from third parties, our customers sometimes rely upon you to look beyond the confines of your own software and contribute to an understanding of their environment. Unlike at large corporations, you will communicate directly with customers.

This is a full-time, permanent, on-site position at Acordex Imaging + Mobile, in North Andover, MA, during normal business hours.

Skills & Requirements

About Acordex Imaging + Mobile

This is key position in a collaborative, entrepreneurial, small company environment with unlimited potential to grow. It is an exceptional opportunity for someone who works hard and wants to be noticed, because your performance will have an immediate and obvious impact on the success of our products.

Company Culture

Acordex offers a friendly, collaborative work environment. You're always welcome to walk into the office of the president or sit down with a senior engineer. We hold the value of family commitments in high regard, offering flexibility in hours or schedules to accommodate a healthy balance between life and work. We work hard and get a lot done every day.


Our product focus is cross-platform imaging software and mobile software for trucking companies. This includes software to drive scanners, view images, manage and share documents and interface to a wide variety of third-party software. Our mobile software products are very far from just another social network fad or game. We are creating tablet apps that are an integral part of a large, complex software environment that is literally indispensable to our customers' business operation.

Do you have a passion for learning? Are you fascinated by new technology? Much of our success can be attributed to early recognition of the potential that new technologies offer. Right now, that means new software development leveraging the compute power of Android and iOS tablets to provide a seamless connection between the user on the road and the wide variety of systems he or she needs to communicate with on a daily basis.


If this sounds like an opportunity that matches your skills and goals, please send a resume with salary history to Your response to this posting will be completely confidential.