Career Opportunities at Acordex

Company Culture

Acordex offers a friendly, collaborative work environment. You're always welcome to walk into the office of the president or sit down with a senior engineer.


We hold the value of family commitments in high regard, offering flexibility in hours or schedules to accommodate a healthy balance between life and work. We work hard and get a lot done every day.

Work-Life Balance

You will be part of a team that is out-innovating established competitors who are a fifty times our size. We have a small and very talented professional staff that you will find either stimulating or entertaining, depending on how the day is going, but never dull.

Intelligent Coworkers

It is very important to us to have an environment where all of us actually look forward to coming to work every day. No office politics. No long boring meetings. This is a truly great place to work.

Great Environment

A quote from a customer best describes how highly regarded our staff is. "One thing is for sure that Acordex’s team has been proactive in providing us the necessary support. Special shout out to Chris for helping us get through yesterday’s debacle! I am taking time out to thank each one of you for your continued dedication and support."

Highly Regarded

Our Product Focus

Our product focus is cross-platform imaging software and mobile software for trucking companies and state Vital Records departments. This includes imaging software to drive scanners, view images, manage and share documents and interface to a wide variety of third-party software.

Imaging and Mobile

Our mobile software products are very far from just another social network fad or game. We are creating tablet apps that are an integral part of a large, complex software environment that is literally indispensable to our customers' business operation. If our software goes down, their business is crippled.

Software That Delivers

Much of our success can be attributed to early recognition of the potential that new technologies offer. Right now, that means new software development leveraging the compute power of mobile tablets to provide a seamless connection between the user on the road and the wide variety of systems he or she needs to communicate with.

Leading Edge

Impact someone else's work day, literally all day, every day!

Job Descriptions

October 3, 2023

Director of Marketing

Skills & Requirements

  1. Five to ten years work with a high-tech company that provides enterprise-level software and/or hardware solutions. By "enterprise-level", we mean typical software subscriptions for an average customer should be roughly in the $10K to $200K area per year.
  2. Preferred but not required: experience with products that address the transportation and trucking business, ideally including experience with customers in LTL, TL, OTR, Linehaul, or other common carrier businesses.
  3. Strong marketing experience. Excellent communication skills. Experience making formal, persuasive presentations.
  4. Direct customer contact, both pre-sale and sustained strong relationships.
  5. Experience in a management position. Aptitude and desire to be a key decision maker and driving force within our company.
  6. Enthusiasm for working in a small company environment.


Additional Opportunities and Advancement

Dependent on interests and level of previous experience, Acordex can offer advancement to optionally take on these job functions within a short time after joining Acordex:

This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for the right person!

Applications Engineer, Software Products

Skills & Requirements

Does this describe you?


This is a small company opportunity, which means that you will not be doing the same thing everyday. Over time, your responsibilities will increase to include many of these tasks: demonstrating software, presenting, writing proposals, creating data sheets and web content, researching the competition, setting our prices, working with partner companies, learning domain knowledge in two verticals, trucking and vital records. You will work closely with software engineers and customer support staff. There is opportunity to advance into a variety of other responsibilities to match your talents.

Customer Relationship

We do not have a canned product to sell, but rather have a rich set of tools that can make people’s workday more enjoyable and make an organization more productive. We ensure customer satisfaction because we take time at the beginning to understand what each customer needs. Then your detailed knowledge of our software ensures that the system we install meets the needs of the customer. A direct outcome of our process is great referrals to new customers, which is the principal engine of our success.

This job can be as technical as you are, with many optional opportunities, tailored to your strengths. You will have the opportunity to create data sheets and web content, using professional image editors, page layout and video editing tools. Software customization is common, and you will have the opportunity to write custom software reports. You will have opportunity to quantify and analyze the impact our products have on our customer's efficiency. You will have the opportunity to reconfigure systems to show how our software performs the exact tasks a customer needs.

This is a full-time, permanent, on-site position at Acordex Imaging + Mobile, in North Andover, MA, during normal business hours.

This is key position in a collaborative, entrepreneurial, small company environment with unlimited potential to grow. It is an exceptional opportunity for someone who works hard and wants to be noticed, because your performance will have an immediate and obvious impact on our revenue stream.

Customer Support Engineer

Skills & Requirements

Previous experience in similar positions is important, but we also place an equal value on personal strengths like honesty, intelligence, effective communication and a desire to help us all succeed. The decisions you make every day will have a direct impact on our company! We need someone who wants to take responsibility and solve complex problems.

BS degree is expected, but not necessarily in a computer related major. Your starting salary will be influenced by your experience level in computer systems support, failure diagnosis and correction, Internet-related protocols, and complex systems integration.


You will have far more independence, flexibility and responsibility than you would working for some big company. This is a position for someone who is proud of their work and wants to be noticed. A direct outcome of our highly regarded customer support is great referrals to new customers, which is the principal engine of our success.

This is a full-time, permanent, on-site position at Acordex Imaging + Mobile, in North Andover, MA.


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