Acordex history

scanner monitor computer ijl ijl optical disk Original System
Acordex's original 1989 system configuration

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First System

Since 1989, Acordex has been delivering some of the most reliable and cost effective imaging solutions in the market. Our first imaging system was created to scan insurance claim forms. The system was in continuous use for 10 years, with well over 12 million pages archived and was never down for a full day! We have a truly exceptional record in delivering reliable long-life systems.


This record of rock solid reliability and excellent support continues. In return, our customers reward us with great referrals, the source of the majority of our large-systems customer base.

Markets Served

Referral from insurance companies brought us into medical centers early in the 1990s. By the mid 90's, Acordex's focus moved to trucking. This includes common carrier LTL, TL and logistics, as well as private fleets owned by supply companies. To fulfill our financial stability goal of sustaining a market in two unrelated verticals, Acordex in 2005 began serving state Vital Records departments. Today, trucking and vital records make up most of our new systems business.