Acordex advantage

Acordex is both a core software developer and a system integrator. This is a significant advantage for both our systems customers and our software only customers.

Systems customers

You get true end to end accountability for all aspects of your system. No one else can provide such complete coverage. Most system integrators bundle imaging software and mobility components from other vendors together into a system. But they do not own the core software. If there are any problems or missing features in the core software, all they can do is file a bug report.

Acordex actually writes and owns the core imaging and mobile software we use for our systems. If an enhancement is important to you, it's important to us. And we have the ability to make changes immediately. That's why our customers are so enthusiastic about referring Acordex to others!

Software customers

Because we design and install large systems, we have a first-hand understanding of what system integrators need. Because we train, support and work directly with end users at all levels, we have a first-hand understanding of what users need. That real life experience means Acordex software is more solid in real world applications. It's better thought out. It does the things you need done.